This 110-Volt Replacement Irrigation Solenoid is perfect for replacing damaged or broken 110-volt solenoids. This solenoid is easy to install and ideal for irrigation applications. Solenoid is interchangeable with most all Hardie, Irritrol, Richdel, LR Nelson and Orbit Valves.

Valve Cam Cover

Valve Cam Cover


The cam cover sits on top of the cam and is secured by four screws. It is universal for all valve series.

FIMCO Zone Indicator

Zone Indicator


The zone indicator is an invaluable addition to any and all FIMCO indexing valves. This part takes the place of the Fimco Cam Cover.

1/2 Inch Vacuum Breaker

1/2 ” Vacuum Breaker


The 1/2″ Vacuum Relief Valve is designed to provide instant air and vacuum relief. This works great paired with the Snap on Saddle (sold separately)