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2 Zone Cam

2-Zone Cam


This is the Fimco 2 zone cam. This cam will enable two of the four outlets on a four or six outlet Fimco indexing valve.

3 Zone Cam

3-Zone Cam


The three-zone black cam is made for a four-outlet indexing valve and will enable three of the outlets.


4 Zone Cam

4-Zone Cam


This is the Fimco four-zone black cam and is made for a four-outlet indexing valve. This cam will enable all four outlets.


Metal Valve Top

Metal Valve Top


This is the Fimco Metal Valve top for use with all Fimco standard valve bodies.  Clamp Style union sold separately.

1 1/2 Inch Valve Coupling

1.50″ Valve Coupling


This is the coupling for the 3000 and 4000 series hydro-indexing valve. Model numbers are also known as 92684, 92686, 92694, and 92696.