1″ – 8-Outlet Indexing Valve for Wastewater


This is a 1000 series valve and is 1″ in and 1″ out with 8 outlets for reclaimed water / waste water. Model # 1008RW


The model #1008RW Hydro-Indexing Valve has 1 inlet and 8 outlets which are all 1″ slip fit. This valve is recommended for use in a wastewater application and can run 7 or 8 zones based on the chosen cam configuration (selected above). Other available options listed above are:

• The stem and disc assembly utilized within the valve. The standard flow stem and disc assembly requires a minimum of 10GPM, the low-flow stem and disc assembly requires a minimum of only 6GPM.
• The Zone Indicator can come preinstalled and is a very handy device. It is extremely useful when monitoring, working on or troubleshooting an indexing valve.

Please remember that pipe size is measured by inside diameter. This valve is made to accept 1″ pipe on the inlet and outlets. The outlets and inlet will be larger than the pipe size it receives. If you need help identifying which size indexing valve you require please visit this page: https://www.fimcomfg.com/identify-indexing-valve/

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