Our 110V Solenoid Valve Coil, compatible with 110-120V AC systems, is ideal for replacing damaged or worn-out coils in your irrigation setup. It offers reliable performance and is backed by a 1-year warranty.


The FIMCO 110v solenoid valve coil is designed for seamless integration with most 110-120V AC solenoid valve setups, making it a versatile replacement choice for a range of irrigation applications.


  • Broad Compatibility: Works with most solenoid valves, including popular brands like Irritrol, Richdel, and Orbit.
  • Included Conduit Cover: Comes with a 1/2″ NPT female threaded conduit cover.
  • Dependable Quality: Backed by a 1-year warranty.
  • Voltage Range: Optimized for 110-120v AC, suitable for the typical voltage range of U.S. wall outlets.
  • Thread Specification: Features a 3/4″ 20 thread design.
  • Replacement Utility: Ideal for replacing broken or damaged solenoid coils.
  • O-Ring: Each coil includes an O-Ring.


  • Electrical Safety: Exercise caution when handling electricity. We recommend using waterproof connectors, preferably grease-filled wire nuts, for secure and safe connections.
  • Professional Consultation: If you need more clarification about installation or handling, consulting a professional is strongly advised.

Voltage Note: While labeled 110 volts, these coils are fully functional in systems ranging from 110v to 120v, accommodating the usual variance in U.S. electrical outlets.

Manufacturing Quality Assurance: Although not manufactured in the United States, we assure the highest quality of our product with a comprehensive 1-year warranty from the installation date.

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